Design and Manufacture Tips of Cryogenic Ball Valve

With the rapid development of Oil, Chemical and Nature Gas, Cryogenic valve products play more and more important part in modern industry. As the most critical parts of the cryogenic pipeline system, most of cryogenic valves were design and produced in EU or US in the past. The price was relatively high, and the delivery time was also very long. We can see that the material, machining, assembly and management capability of Chinese supplier was always keeping the promotion. So, the technology gap between China and EU/US is not so big as we thought in the past.

On the basis of absorbing and digesting the technology and experiences from Germany and US, we produced many cost effective cryogenic valve products which have the same levels with EU and US. Step by step, we accumulated more and more technology and experiences focus on the cryogenic valve design and production. We keep the improvement, and also get some technical strengthens of our own. Here, just share some on our website.

Our cryogenic ball valves are widely used for LNG/LPG/LCG, Liquid Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Hydrogen and Ethylene. It is very dangerous and easy to result in explosion during the application of these fluid medium. So, all the design, manufacture and test process should be controlled very strictly. C Tech cryogenic Ball Valve have trunnion and floating type. The body can can be casting or forged. All valve design,production and test were strictly followed the standards BS6364, BS5351(ISO19292), ASME B16.34 and GB/T24925. To some extent, we increased our manufacture standards higher as per the real application than these industrial standards.

One of our improved critical technology on the cryogenic ball (Size≦2″), the pressure exhaust hole design is totally different from the traditional, this prevent the valve seat from broken during the operation. On the other hand, the sealing tight method on the valve seat was also unique, it improved the sealing performance of the valve and keep the relative long service life.