Cryogenic Ball Valve Design and Produce Tip: Antistatic Device

For the non-metal seated cryogenic ball valve, most of the valve seat materials are polymer which was easy to accumulate the statics. With the accumulations of the statics, it is easy to result in spark or explosion. As we know that LNG has the characters of easy burning and explosion. So, the non-metal seated cryogenic ball valve has to added with antistatic device.

Generally, the cryogenic ball valve is not metal seated caused from no leakage request. With the sealing performance increase, more and more fully  metal seated ball valve are used for the cryogenic application. Due to the design and production improvement, C Tech Company could produce the fully metal seated cryogenic ball valve, and the leakage standard can be class VI as per ANSI FCI 70-2. For the fully metal seated cryogenic ball valves, it is no need to add the antistatic device. But it has to make sure that the resistance between the stem, body and ball is smaller than the standard value 10Ω.