Cryogenic Valve For High Pressure Liquid Oxygen Application

On March 2019, absorbed the design and production experiences of world famous cryogenic valve, and combine our own design strengthens, C Tech Science and Technology Co., Ltd have produced the new batch of cryogenic valve with was used for high pressure liquid oxygen. And all valve past the cryogenic test successfully.

Valve Application Fluid Medium: High Pressure Liquid Oxygen;  Valve Application Fluid Medium Temperature: -183℃;

Valve Pressure Rate: Class 2500; Valve Cryogenic Test Standard: BS6364;  Test Environment: Liquid Nitrogen (-196℃);

Leakage Test Medium: Helium Gas (6Bar).

As we all know the high pressure Liquid  Oxygen is very dangerous and easy to result in explosion. So, valves should be kept to a minimum and should be of good quality because in general they have mechanical joints that are susceptible to leaks. All valve materials must be suitable for oxygen service, and material selection must meet velocity criteria. Stems, packing glands, and other parts vital to proper valve operation shall be of materials that will not readily corrode. If polymers are present, the adiabatic-compression temperature shall be calculated to ensure that the margin on auto-ignition temperature (>100C) of the polymer is not reached during valve opening.

On the other Hand, system cleanliness is critical in oxygen components and systems because contaminants may cause ignition.When selecting materials, the cost and practicability of achieving and maintaining cleanliness and freedom from corrosion, together with the cost and schedule impact of re-cleaning, shall be considered.