Gate, Globe & Check Valve

C Tech design and produce full range of Gate Valve, Globe Valve and Check Valve, especial for the various severe applications. For example, we produce the GGC Valve for the high temperature, pressure and acid corrosion condition (Hydrogenation Equipment of Class 4500). C Tech patented axial flow check valve is characterized by low noise and long service life at high temperature and pressure. C-Tech GGC Valve material can be Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel Alloy Steel, Inconel, Incoloy, Monel, Hastelloy, etc.

C-Tech Company resilient seated butterfly valves are widely used in various industries for both on-off and regulating service. Compared with traditional globe & ball valve, butterfly valve is less weight and cost-effective. With the rapid development on various elastomer materials, resilient seated butterfly valves are now used not only for water system but also for various chemical industries. C-Tech resilient seated butterfly valves are designed in accordance with API 609 with axes of body, stem and disc concentric.

Type Gate, globe, check
Size 2~64″ (DN50~DN1600)
Rating 150~2500LB (PN16~PN420)
Body material Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel
Trim Per API 600

Design Feature

Flexible wedge (gate)& Optional plug disc (globe) Optional threaded or welded seat
Optional swing or plug disc (check) Optional full jacket or semi-jacket design
Optional outside dashpot device (check) Optional stem extension (gate, globe)

C-Tech Company currently can produce cryogenic valves for working temperature down to -196℃ which are widely used in LNG, LPG, air separation and other low temperature industry. C-Tech Company program controlled cryogenic test facility meet the valves test request from 1/2 to 48 inches.

Type gate, globe, swing check, axial flow check, lift check, dual-plate check
Size 1/2~42” (DN15~DN1050)
Rating 150 ~2500LB (PN20~PN420)
Body material Stainless Steel, Low Temperature Alloy Steel, Dual-Stainless Steel

Design Feature

Extended bonnet Low emission packing
Full stellite overlay sealing surface Open escape and raise the upper seal seat avoid
Abnormal thermal expansion in the cavity and bonnet Prevent stem un-stability structure

C-Tech Company compact forged steel valves design is optimized by the most advanced FEA (finite element analysis) in accordance with API 602, EN/ISO15761 and ANSI B16.34. All components are manufactured by CNC machine centers to ensure consistent high quality.

Type Gate, globe, check
Size 1/2~2” (DN15~DN50)
Rating 150~2500LB (PN16~PN420)
Body material F316, F304L, F316L, F317, F321, F347, INCONEL, MONEL, H.C.
End connection

Design Feature

Full die forged structure & Solid wedge Bolted or welded bonnet
Optional full or reduce port Optional below seal structure (gate and globe)
Optional plug or needle disc (globe) Optional lift or swing disc (check)
Optional jacket structure(GGC) Optional Cryogenic structure(GGC)

C-Tech Company API 603 series of stainless steel valves consist of Gate, Globe & Check valves. Valves’ wall thickness is designed as per ASME B16.34. Compared with standard API 600 valves, this series of valves are light weight and cost-effective. They are widely used in fine chemical and food industry and special design includes extended bonnet for cryogenic service.

Type Gate, globe, check
Size 1/2~24” (DN15~DN600)
Rating 150~300LB (PN16~PN40)
Body material Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel, Duplex Steel
Design feature
Precision Investment casting PTFE gasket & packing
Integral seat Lightweight design & Flexible wedge

C-Tech Company axial flow check valves are the streamlined venture port design so as to reduce the pressure loss. This series of valve discs are the only moving part to minimize internal wear and compressed disc spring initiates valve closure as flow slows down and provides quick reaction on flow velocity change. They can be used in a wide range of critical and demanding service applications such as fast reversing reciprocating compressor system or installations where the check valve must be placed in close proximity to the pump inlet or outlet.

Type Axial Check Valve
Size 1/2~60” (DN50~DN1500)
Rating 150 ~4500LB (PN16~PN420)
Body material Cast Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel
End connection

Venturi port to reduce pressure loss Spring protection and no impact & Long service life
Low noise and lower water hammer damager Soft seal and second metal seal to ensure fire safe
Full series with lugs and support legs No outside leakage

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