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Cryogenic Valve Critical Technology

Rapid economic growth in the major industrial countries has caused the demand for natural gas to increase quickly, however the supplying of natural gas must be transported from the production fields to cities and countries around the world. LNG has become the popular and economical method to transport natural gas. C-Tech Company cryogenic valves are widely used in LNG, Oxygen, Liquid Nitrogen and other cryogenic applications.

Features of cryogenic valve technology

Fire Safe Design and Test

Fire safe is the standard design of all C-Tech Company ball valves. C-Tech soft seat ball valve fire safe tests were witnessed and certified by TUV’s Register. Our in-house computerized fire test facilities are capable of testing and certifying of C-Tech floating and trunnion mounted ball valves as per API 6FA and API 607.

Fire safe seat sealing for floating ball valves

When non-metal sealing material have decomposed or deteriorated by a plant fire, the upstream line pressure pushes the ball against the metal seat lip, beneath soft seat to shut off the line fluid and minimize internal leakage.

Fire safe seat sealing for trunnion mounted ball valves and gate valves

Leakage from the valve stem area is prevented by double O-ring sealing, packing and fire safe gasket. Leakage through the valve body joint is also blocked by double O-ring sealing and body gasket. After a fire has deteriorated O-rings, gland gasket, body gasket and stem, fire safe packing is the feature that prevents external fluid leakage.

When non-metal materials such as O-ring, seat insert and spacer have decomposed or deteriorated by fire, the edge of the metal seat, preloaded by the seat spring, comes into contact with the ball to shut off the line fluid and minimize internal leakage through the valve bore. Also the fire safe flexible graphite seat packing will be compressed by the seat spring to prevent fluid leakage between the valve body and the seat.

Body and Bonnet Sealing Material is spiral wound gasket which is made from flexible graphite and SS
Stem sealing material is packing flexible graphite
There is fire safe lip design on the seat of soft seal valve, and the metal seal is used after the soft seal failure.

Low Emission Technology

Global concerns for air quality, coupled with dramatic economic growth and resource conservation forces have caused a worldwide effort to protect our environment.

Industrial valves, historically contributed to environmental pollution and resource waist due to fugitive emissions. To minimize pollution and energy waist, C-Tech Company developed fugitive emission technology inherent in the design for all series of C-Tech valves. The fugitive emission technology in C-Tech valves include: fugitive emission packing, controlled stem finishes, straightness and roundness dimensional control, and controlled stuffing box finishes. Optional live load packing is offered to provide gland load retention consistency. C-Tech Company valves fugitive emission packing is designed with tapered and V-shaped rings to compensate for temperature and pressure fluctuations, stress relaxation and low creep. Controlled stem stuffing box finishes and tolerance control results in better sealing performance and reduced leakage through the stuffing box. By virtue of fugitive emission technology, C-Tech can reduce environmental pollution, energy waist and save our customers’ money. The enhanced design features standard in C-Tech valves lower the overall cost of ownership for customers when they purchase and install C-Tech valve products.
C-Tech fugitive emission valves have been certified by TÜV. All the valve tests are in accordance with ISO 15848 and specific customer requirements.

High Temperature & Pressure Technology

C-Tech high pressure test bench could meet the requirement of 120Mpa Hydraulic Test and 80Mpa Pneumatic Test.

High temperature & pressure power valves are the key piece of equipment used in the power generation industry. As process temperatures increase in the new design generation systems, high alloy valves are required I the main steam, auxiliary steam and water supply systems.
In accordance with the industry standards for power valves like ASME B16.34, Chinese standard, JB/T3595 and Japanese standard E101, C-Tech has successfully developed a full series of power valves including gate, globe and check valves. C-Tech Company has developed over 300 patterns, available sizes range from DN10 to DN600 (1/4″~24″), pressure rating from PN200 to PN320 (1500~3500LB), primary materials WC6, WC9, C12A, F11, F22, F91. These valves are designed to serve the super critical applications.
C-Tech’s high temperature & pressure power valves are designed and manufactured so as to get reliable shutoff and easy operation under a high temperature environment. Optional internal body cavity relief (pressure equalization) provision prevents over-pressure conditions. The specified bolt torque is maintained during the valve assembly by specialized torque limiting equipment to prevent valves from leaking between the valve body and bonnet and get the reliable long-term operation once the valves are put into service.

Metal Seated Ball Valve Technology

Triple Offset Butterfly Valve Technology

Quality is of vital importance for C-Tech, and it always non-negotiable. We keep the most effect quality operation system. C-Tech quality management system always focus on the Official 3rd Party verification and the Customer Satisfaction. Many years later, we get the certificates from API, CE, TUV, DNV and China Official 3rd Party Institutions. C-Tech quality system is keeping the continuous improvement to customer requirements.

Most of our team members are from the famous multinationals and sate-owned enterprise. And we build our own R & D Center. Some of our experts are also responsible for some international valve and actuator standards prepare and modification. On the other hand, we also keep the long term cooperation with some of local famous universities, such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Science & Technology University and so on.