C-Tech Company offers product suitable for both on and off shore exploration and production. Our R&D department constantly increases temperature range, pressure range, and chemical compatibility of our products through innovation and improvement in production process, design and material research.


C-Tech’s products enable customers to safely transport and store hydrocarbon and ensure reliable seal off for precise property transfer. We owns accreditations from SIL, ASME, PED, ATEX, ISO etc. They help improve safety and integrity of midstream business operation.


C-Tech Company provides customized solutions and service to refineries and natural gas processing plants. We owns the widest range of valves for oil & gas downstream industry including manual valves, instrumental valves and valves for demanding conditions. Our products can help to increase production and reliability, extend running time and reduce maintenance. Moreover, C-Tech’s technical team is developing new solutions with the improvement of processing technologies in downstream industry.