C-Tech Company offers product suitable for both on and off shore exploration and production. Our R&D department constantly increases temperature range, pressure range, and chemical compatibility of our products through innovation and improvement in production process, design and material research.


C-Tech’s products enable customers to safely transport and store hydrocarbon and ensure reliable seal off for precise property transfer. We owns accreditations from SIL, ASME, PED, ATEX, ISO etc. They help improve safety and integrity of midstream business operation.


C-Tech Company provides customized solutions and service to refineries and natural gas processing plants. We owns the widest range of valves for oil & gas downstream industry including manual valves, instrumental valves and valves for demanding conditions. Our products can help to increase production and reliability, extend running time and reduce maintenance. Moreover, C-Tech’s technical team is developing new solutions with the improvement of processing technologies in downstream industry.

Refining Industry

C-Tech Company provides customized solutions and specific service. China has suffered a lot from environment pollution and inferior petroleum quality accounts for a portion of pollution, which alarms the state to issue compulsory policies to improve petroleum quality. So CNPC, Sinopec and other oil refining companies have planned to technology rectification on current equipment accordingly. With the advantage s of professional R&D team, Global Sales Network and Plants, C-Tech supply a whole solution of Hydrogen Valve to satisfy their upgrading requirements of newly oil refining plant constructions, precisely refining plant and hydro-desulphurization units (HDS).
Apply to petroleum and refinery fields, C-Tech Company has a wide range of industrial valves with manual operated valves, switch valves and harsh working environment valves included. Our products contribute to production improvement and reliability, working time extension, maintenance decrease. Furthermore, to follow the steps of petroleum refining industry, our technology teams are devoting to constant research activities on provision of creative solutions.

Major application:
• Chemical & refinery plant  • Diesel & gasoline hydrogenation unit, catalytic cracking unit
• Desulfurization & hydrogenation processing.
Main products:
• Whole forged gate, globe & check valves  • Y-type globe valves  • Switch control valves
• High temperature & high pressure valves  • Bellow valves, FE valves

The power industry has always been seeking new methods to develop energy resources in a quick, safe and efficient way in order to meet increasing power demand and inflict minimum impact to the environment. C-Tech Company can help customers meet the most important challenges in coal power generation, natural gas power generation, nuclear power and other renewable energy sources industries.
C-Tech Company helps customers to reduce downtime, optimize energy efficiency and create a safe working environment. Our experience in critical and strict business isolation, overpressure and control applications in high pressure & temperature conditions can meet almost any requirement.

Major applications:
• Thermal power plant supercritical boiler bypass drainage system
• Steam turbine control system main steam and feed water isolation system
• Bypass and check valves  • Recycled water isolation and control
• Nuclear power plant  • Natural gas power plant  • Hydro power station
Main products:
• Pressure seal valves  • Forged steel gate/globe/check valves  • Globe valves for power plant  • Nuclear class II, III valves

Increasing shipping demands brings shipbuilders plenty of opportunities and challenges. C-Tech’s customized marine valve solutions can help shipbuilders and ship owners to select suitable valves in order to save cost and reduce risks. C-Tech Company has become the preferred choice of valve supplier in marine industry because of its reliable quality, complete product categories, marine accreditations.
C-Tech Company produces standardized valve products which reduce maintenance requirements of components and eventually help ship owners reduce their maintenance costs. Universality of C-Tech products help to save space and weight which is very important for submarines and ships with very limited space.

Major applications:
• Barges and supporting facilities  • Cargo ship  • Oil tanker  • Tug boat  • LPG/LNG ship

The mining industry is about exploitation and use of metal or non-metal mineral resources. Its working conditions are demanding. If the valve sealing is not tight enough, the corrosion wear during operation will cause pipeline and valve aging to accelerate. This means more frequent maintenance is needed while the valve’s lifespan shortens. This in turn results in an increasing risk of facility downtime. Valve innovations are always needed in mining industry to keep improving safety and efficiency in mining and smelting.
C-Tech uses advanced design and simulation software such as CFD and ANSYS (FEA) to simulate product flow, mechanical status and wear condition. Knife gate valves and metal seated ball valves which are designed through this advanced software significantly improves comprehensive properties of products and helps realizing a longer lead time in process automation.
C-Tech’s valve solutions for mining industry will help improving environmental safety, working conditions of process pipeline, facility basis & valve service life and reduce downtime caused by maintenance.

Major applications:
• Iron mine exploitation and smelting  • Aluminium mine exploitation and processing
• Nickel mine exploitation and processing  • Copper mine exploitation and processing
Main products:
• Metal seated ball valves  • Conventional cast steel gate valves
• Knife gate valves  • Butterfly valves  • Mud valves

With the growth of population and the change of global climate, water resources are becoming more and more deficient. It’s highly important to make good use of traditional water resources (such as inland fresh water lakes, reservoirs, etc.) and seek new water resources meantime. The water treatment industry is always seeking methods to maximize water resource sharing in order to ensure sufficient water supply. In water treatment industry, aged production facilities and external water-transmission lines often leads to maintenance increase of facilities and waste of resources. C-Tech Company offers customers complete solutions for every phase of water cycle period.
• Applying the most effective method to desalinate, transport, treat and distribute water.
• Finding new uses for recycled water.  • Ensuring the reliability of waste water treatment.
C-Tech Company valve products and services help customers to optimize production and pipeline facilities.

Major applications:
• Sea water desalinization  • Water transportation  • Water treatment  • Water cycle and use  • Sewage treatment
Main products:
• Conventional cast gate/globe/check valves  • Ball valves  • Butterfly valves  • Knife gate valves  • Strainers

General industrial systems mainly include air separation, food, drink & paper making industries, agriculture and many more. Manufacturers of these industries are continuously optimizing production processes and basic facilities to improve productivity. They are also obligated to strictly comply with industrial health requirements and to use water resources as efficiently as possible. With years of practical experience in these industries, C-Tech can help customers realize environmental safe and responsible objectives.
C-Tech Company enjoys a good reputation in the valve industry because of its consistent product and service quality. From here customers can get one-stop valve & actuator solutions followed by excellent service support in any corner of the world.

Major applications:
• Air separation  • Food  • Paper making  • Agriculture  • Dock
Main products:
• Conventional cast/forged valves, ball/butterfly valves  • Strainers  • Cryogenic valves