On January, 2019, C Tech Science and Technology Co., Ltd successfully design, produce and delivered the High pressure Gate valve which was used for the BDO Equipment of Chinese Customer.

Application Fluid Medium are Hydrogen, Water, Methane and Butanol. It is very dangerous and very easy to result in explosion, Especially in the high pressure and temperature environment. For these valves, the application pressure is 34.8 Mpa, and the temperature is 200℃. So, these valves are very important and critical for the BDO equipment of the final user.

C Tech Science and Technology Co., Ltd has reviewed all technical and quality requests seriously and carefully after we got the inquire. The review process involved our Sale, Engineering, Purchase, Production and Quality Department. Every department have approved and assured.

C Tech has very rich experience on design and manufacture of gate valve which is used for high pressure Hydrogen. The valve design and production strictly followed the standards API600, HG/T-20615, ASME B16.5, ASME B16.4, NACE MR0175. Some critical technology higher than the standards request.

Valve wedge disc and seat are fully metal and stellite overlay. And seat is welded into the valve body to prevent leakage. This ensured the no leakage and long service life.

Pressure energized design is adopted on the valve cavity. That’s means the sealing performance will become better with the internal pressure rise.

Combined packing structure is used for the stem sealing. This ensured the no leakage at high pressure and temperature.

All the production process is strictly controlled as per the API 598 and our factory standards. And all the valve also conducted the Fugitive Emission Test with 6 Bar Helium Gas as per the standard ISO15848-2 and 100%. And all Valves meet the class B request. Stem Emission ≦100 PPMV; Body Emission≦50PPMV.

Our quality system is fully covered and strictly control every process of the production.