Focus on cryogenic valve products, C Tech Company keep long term cooperation with China Aerospace Institution. And we work together and established the good relationship with the China Aerospace Institution team also. With the long term research and experiences accumulation, our cryogenic valve which was used for medium of -196 centigrade was reliable.

C Tech Cryogenic Valve Characteristics

1. Valve Stem Triple Seal Design
Triple Seal Design is adopted to ensure the reliable sealing performance for cryogenic service and meet the fugitive emission request. Because this design has the packing upload and self sealing functions.

2. The pressure relief hole was designed on the body, not on the ball as the common design; Special seat and tight design keep the smooth force on the ball and seat.

3. Hinge Seat Design was used for the valve which is larger or equal to NPS2″. This make it easy to dismounting.