On November 2016, C Tech Company finished the shell and leakage test as per the ASME and API standards successfully. This globe valve was used for the extreme high pressure and temperature hydrogenation equipment. The valve size is 10 inches. From the design to manufacture, and the final test, we have our own unique technology and system to make sure the valve is reliable and qualified.

  • Medium: Hydrogen (H2S), Hydrogen Filling Gas, Hydrogen gas products (H2S)

  • Temperature: 550 Centigrade

  • Technical Characteristics:

    1. The Valve Body are forged.
    2. The Patented stem sealing technology (Double Wedged Self Tight Sealing Structure) is adopted for this valve to reduce the pressure of stem sealing packings, and make sure upper sealing is more effective and reliable.
    3. The surface of the valve element and seat is STL overlaying.
    4. Live loading structure is used for the packing gland.
    5. The nonrotating stem design is adopted.
    6. Combined stem packing structure which is used for the high pressure and temperature specially is adopted to make the valve meet the no leakage request.