In December 2019, C-Tech Science and Technology Co., Ltd ( has successfully do the replacement of famous EU Butterfly valve with HOPPE Actuator in the marine system.

  1. As we know , the china local valve torque is comparatively bigger than EU & US Valve, even though  the technical request is the same. We will come across the bigger problem when we just to do the replacement with Chinese local new valve, and ensure the original actuator still can be used, just because the local new valve torque is so bigger that the original actuator couldn’t operate it. Our company can produce the similar valve with low valve torque and ensure the problem can be solved.
  2. These valves connect standards is also no standards. So, we did  many customised design for the final users, and  solved all the problems from customer successfully.
NO Name Size Quantity Description
1 Butterfly Valve DN400 17 Operated by pneumatic actuator
2 Butterfly Valve DN500 10 High Performance with Gear Box Operate
3 R&P Actuator N/A 17 C Tech Rack and Pinion Actuator
4 Solenoid Valve N/A 17 High Performance Solenoid Valve