In 2017, our customer, Qinghai Salt Lake Industry Group purchased control valves as replacement. The control valve is triple offset butterfly valve. The medium is saturated brine which is corrosive for the stainless steel. The cost will be too high if the duplex stainless steel or titanium alloy were adopted for the valve body, disc, seat and stem. So, we adopted stainless steel with special coating. Not only It meet the application request, but also reduce the cost.

Leakage class as per ANSI FCI70-2 is V (5 x 10-12 m3 per second of water per mm of seat diameter per bar differential.). C Tech triple offset butterfly valve meet the class 6 request.As we know that the ambient temperature in China Qinghai is very low. Considering the low ambient temperature of minus 40 centigrade, we choose the low temperature solenoid valve.

  1. This solenoid valve is design and produced by Germany.
  2. It is a 2 position 5 way solenoid valve which application temperature scope is from -40 to 50 centigrade. There are two critical technology for the solenoid valve used for this low temperature. The first is the cable components which is designed for the low temperature application specially. The second is the lubricant Greece which is very critical. About the valve body material, I think aluminum with anodizing is available for the low cost consideration. And no need to use stainless steel. Exd flameproof class is enough for the request.
  1. The enclosure protection class is IP66 which is enough for application request.
  2. Finally, I want talk about the reliability and service life of the solenoid valve. If you want a solenoid valve more reliable, accurate and long service life. I think spring is of vital importance. Currently China could not produce the real durable and stable spring caused from technic barrier. So, it has to be purchased from some foreign countries.

This valve has been used by the customer for 1 year without any problem.