C Tech Science and Technology Co., Ltd finished the High Performance butterfly valve design, production, test and delivery.

This butterfly valve was used for the Steam Turbine Outer Casing of Power Plant. The fluid medium was Saturated Steam of high temperature. This butterfly valve was the totally new triple offset design and production, so as to ensure the small torque, perfect sealing performance and long service life. The sealing type of this valve was fully special metal seated. And this valve was bidirectional Zero Leakage. That’s mean that both fluid direction meet the leakage standards of Class VI as per ANSI B16-104.

This butterfly valve was also fast Opening and Closing. The full opening stroke time is 12 S. And the full closing stroke time was 13 S. The actuator motor has thermal protection. And the heater was also equipped on the valve actuator. The actuator enclosure protection class was IP67. All valves past the strict inspection and test as per the procedure and related standards successfully.